Missing Dogs Found! She Lied! (News Video)

VonNa HughEs-Pet Bath House composite

She Said She Killed His Dogs!

An owner’s missing dogs are found after the pet boarding house proprietor told him she had them killed.

What anguish pet owner Steven Mendoza must have gone through believing that he placed his pups in safe hands and the person taking care of them just calls him up to tell him that she's had them killed.

I can’t imagine being in that position. The distraught man lost his home in the massive Butte Fire and was temporarily boarding his pups… and to believe that he has lost them too has to be unbearable.

Then the joy to hear that two of your dogs have been found. But bittersweet, knowing one of your pups is still missing..The emotional roller coaster has to be horrific.

Here’s what happened.

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