Mom Shields 2-Year-Old Son as 2 Dogs Brutally Attack! (Video)

front yard in Annaheim California

A shocking video of a mother trying to protect her 2-year-old son from the two attacking dogs has gone viral.

The surveillance video outside the Bishop’s home shows Samantha Bishop, using her body to try to block the aggressive dogs from mauling her toddler Grayson.

The video on the next page shows the two dogs, first, surrounding the boy on the front lawn.

At first, one of the dogs appears to be playing. The boy’s mother walks toward her son. By her pace, she doesn’t appear to realize the dogs are looking to cause harm.

But things quickly escalate and one dog jumps and bites Grayson on the face. The second dog then knocks the toddler to the ground as Samantha then rushes to save her son. But then, the dogs go after her too.

Samantha grabs her son, swings him around, and runs towards the front door of their home with the dogs in full pursuit.

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