New California Bill To Protect Dogs Confronted by Police! (Video)

An estimated 10,000 dogs are shot and killed every year by police
while on the job, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

After posting a recent article in which a federal judge ruled that Police are allowed to shoot your dog if it moves or barks when an officer enters your home, it was a relief to see a news clip in which steps are being taken in a more positive direction.

Animal activists in California are standing in defense of their canine companions and, at present, there is a bill making its way through state committee in Sacramento requiring police officers to undergo training on how to handle dog encounters in a more humane way for both dogs and their owners.

You have the dog owner on one hand who, like model Katie Cleary stated, “Officers arrived at my house, actually, in Calabasas. It was a false alarm and my dog came out and one of them grabbed a gun, They did not shoot the dog, but I felt terrified.”

And an officer who feels threatened… continued on the next page with the video.

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