OMG! He Dangles Over a 250-Foot Drop To Save a Petrified Pup! [Story in Photographs]

Derek truomg tp grab the dog

His wife and passersby hold him by the ankles in the high winds
to rescue a dog trapped on a ledge.

The dramatic moment when vacationing Derek Shaw puts his life on the line to rescue a precariously-perched pup from peril is captured in photographs.

This is what happened!

British trucker Derek Shaw, 54, and his wife Ann, 53, are on holiday. Out for a pleasant stroll, they're walking from Cromer to Overstrand when people down on the beach below begin waving and shouting to get their attention.

“I leaned over the cliff and had a look down, and there was this collie dog on a little bit of a ledge–it looked scared stiff,” says Derek. “I love dogs. I didn’t want to leave it there.”

Derek looking over the cliff

Image Credit: Beverly Sallis Photography

The five-year-old black and white border collie, named Millie, had gone missing 21 hours earlier and is huddled six feet down the perilous cliff face. She is literally clinging to the edge of a very precarious, slippy ledge.

Without hesitating a second, Derek asks his wife to grab his legs while he hangs over the 250-foot drop. She is helped by photographer Beverly Sallis, 59, and her husband Ashley who, luckily, are passing by and just in time to grab Derek's ankles as he pulls the dog up.

Derek truomg tp grab the dog

Image Credit: Beverly Sallis Photography

So in a heart stopping moment, with his legs being held securely by his wife and two strangers, Derek heroically, reaches for a dog that isn’t his.

Derek talking to the dog on the ledge

Image Credit: Beverly Sallis Photography

“By talking to the dog and calming it down a bit, eventually it lifted its head up and I was able to grab hold of its collar,” Derek explains.

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