9 Puppies Are Hiding In a Cave 18 Feet Below The Ground! OMG! What He Does to Rescue Them! (Video)

puppies in cave

Lisa Arturo and Eldad Hagar are at the funeral of their dear friend and rescuer Lisa M. Ash when they receive a Hope for Paws emergency text.  In honor of Lisa, they head out to save what they are told are eight pups.

The puppies are living in a cave with no Mom in sight.

Arriving at their destination, Eldad and Lisa kneel at the mouth of the cave. They begin to toss bits of their famous cheeseburgers in an attempt to coax the puppies into the open. Four of the puppies emerge a few steps for the tasty tidbits with another two backing up the four at the mouth of the cave.

“I count six,” says Eldad.

Lisa reaches out and is able to pat one of the pups. She lifts him onto her lap. Success! One pup has been snagged. But that's the easiest part of this entire rescue.

As Lisa is lifting the one pup, we hear a shriek from one of the group at the edge of the cave.  Spooked, all have turned and hightailed it back into the opening in the earth.

Lisa and Eldad make a quick decision to wait it out patiently. And one pup does come out for a burger bit. But as Lisa makes a grab for him, he screams, wriggles out of her grasp, and withdraws into the cave with the others.

Eldad, now has no choice but to go in after them. And here's where I turn into Jello. just seeing the tiny crawl space into the bowels of the earth that he has to enter has me closing one eye and darned near closing the other one.

As Eldad crawls on his belly in the blackness, flashlight in one hand and soft snare in the other, the pups take a sharp left and Eldad can't follow.

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