Over 50,000 Dogs Tortured and Killed Every Year For A Cruel Spanish Tradition! (Video)

galgos with broken noose around neck

A hidden, widespread, culturally inherited cruelty
many tourists and Western Europeans don’t know about!

An ancient breed of hunting dog, once raised exclusively by the Spanish nobility, the Galgos is one of the most abused dog breeds in the world. Tens of thousands are killed in Spain every year, often in the most horrific ways. Countless more are abandoned.

They are considered disposable “tools” by the hunting industry, bred to be discarded at season’s end, only to be replaced by tens of thousands more come the next hunting season.

Figures have ranged from 40,000 to 100,00 yearly.

No one can state an exact figure since it isn’t known how many are born. Galgos are mass-bred in hopes of finding that special courser. The breeding is rampant. Dogs are rarely spayed or neutered which also leads to a high rate of discards.

Owners and breeders of galgos, called galgueros, use the dogs in the controversial sport of hare coursing in which the dogs race over the countryside or an enclosed track to catch a fleeing hare. A mechanical lure will sometimes replace the hare.

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