Owner Laughs As He Abandons His Terrified Dog to Overcrowded Miami Kill Shelter!

owner laughs while abandoning dog at kill shelter

No Sadness, No Remorse, this Owner is Clearly Amused
as He Dumps His Petrified Pup at a Kill Shelter!

Look at the upper right of the image. You can see the dog’s owner laughing, clearly entertained by his frightened pup as he holds him up for volunteers to photograph. PLEASE SHARE TO SAVE THIS DOG!

When a kill shelter becomes overcrowded, it means in order to make room for a new dog, another dog has to be adopted, fostered, or PTS. The facts are that most often perfectly healthy pups with lots of love to share are unceremoniously euthanized.

It’s simply a numbers game, they say. There’s only so much room and there’s only so much time and money to devote to unwanted dogs.

And, for an owner to laugh as he places his vulnerable dog in this position shows nothing short of a callous, unfeeling, uncaring, if not sadistic, human.

Please help Gordo avoid the fate of most dogs dumped at a kill shelter.

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