Police Thought His Microchip Was Out of Date Until The Dog’s Owner Burst into Tears! [Blog Post]

Dasha and officer

His story begins in the summer of 2014 when Dasha, a 4-year-old greyhound, was stolen.

His Mom Jessica Miller walked outside that morning and her boy had disappeared from his home in Derbyshire, England.

Fortunately, Dasha was microchipped or this story might have ended right here in Jessica’s yard

Jessica, filled with grief and determination to find her furbaby, sets up a Facebook campaign to help find her precious pup.

Local police are contacted.

But it isn’t till May 2017—three years later–that authorities contact her with the amazing news.

“I genuinely believed I would never see Dasha again,” Jessica said. “I thought someone was pulling my chain when I got the call.”

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