Updated! Restraining Order Halts Return of 21 Dogs to Evansville Woman in Hoarding Case! (Video)

She was accused of dog hoarding in February 2017 when 68 dogs were removed from her home. She pleas guilty to five counts of animal abuse and on Friday, July, 21, 2017, twenty-one dogs were ordered returned to her. Why?


Today is a new day!

And the twenty-one dogs that were to be returned to Martha Crosley of Evansville, Indiana, as per order by a Vanderburg County judge on Friday, have wound up in a temporary restraining order.

Officials with the Gerling Law firm worked the entire weekend on behalf of the Vanderburgh Humane Society, PC Pound Puppies, Henderson Humane Society, and It Takes a Village to get the paper work ready to be filed and issued today, Monday, July 24, 2017

This comes after a Vanderburgh County judge ruled that 21 of the 68 dogs confiscated from Crosley in February, be returned to Martha, who pled guilty on Friday to five counts of animal abuse.

Martha Crosley was cited in February, 2017 after animal control officers seized 68 dogs from her residence in a former church on Hillview Drive, where she had begun a dog sanctuary, but failed to maintain.

It is being claimed that Crosley breached her rescue contracts with the above organizations when she abused the dogs. It is also being asked that the dogs be returned to the original rescuers.

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