Scared to Apply Dog Eye Drops, Wash and Ointment? (Video How-To)

Vet applying eyewash to dog's eye

Applying eye meds in your dog's eyes is piece of cake
with this vet's excellent demonstration and easy instructions.

Dr. Candy Olsen from Greenbrier Animal Hospital gives us some fabulous tips on How to Apply Eye Drops, Eye Ointment and How to Clean Your Dog's Eyes.

1. One great tip is to approach from behind since dog's tend to shy away when you come right at their eyes. I guess pretty much anyone would. Still, sometimes we only think of getting the job done without enough thought on the easiest way of accomplishing it.

As you come from behind your dog, lean your hand on the crown of your dog's head and, at the same time, pull back a little so you open the eye and allow the drop to fall from above. This avoids contaminating the tip of the bottle and it's a good safety measure that will prevent poking your dog's eye in case he or she is a bit jumpy.

2. A great suggestion for cleaning your dog's eyes is the one use, disposable bottles of eye drops for people. You can empty the whole bottle into the eye so that it cleans the entire eye surface, running in and out of the eye. Then gently blot the eye a couple of times.

Be ready for your dog to lick their nose or even to sneeze. A sneeze sometimes happens since the tear duct runs right into the nose.

3. Removing the gunk from the corner of your dog's eye. Dr. Olsen alerts:Afterward, you can use your bare finger or a tissue wrapped finger to remove the gunk from the corner of the eye, making sure not to touch the lid of the eye as it will be too easy to abrade the surface of the eye with that close contact.

Eye ointment is tricky. You have to get closer to the eye and…

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