A STRAY Lives Quietly On the Beach For Years – Then SHE BECOMES PARALYZED! (Video)


Her owner ran a beach bar in the south of Athens. The bar closed and he walked away.

That's when a magnificent Swiss White Shepherd, named Bianca, is abandoned with the rest of the bar's leftovers and she becomes a seaside stray.

The workers in the area look after her. Someone builds her a shelter of cardboard and wood, and she has plenty of food.

For a stray in Greece, whose mortality rate is about two years (dogs and cats are deliberately poisoned or run over) Bianca has a relatively good life.

She settles into her daily routine. For seven years, the quiet, gentle girl takes up a position outside a public swimming pool and watches the people come and go.

But that all changes when Bianca begins to limp.

Bianca's story continues on the next page with a video that left me in tears. 

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