UPDATED! She Pleads Guilty to 5 Counts of Animal Cruelty and The Judge Returns 21 Dogs to Her! Why? (Video)

deputy at dog hoarding home

She was accused of dog hoarding in February 2017 when 68 dogs were removed from her home.

She pleas guilty to five counts of animal abuse and on Friday, July, 21, 2017, twenty-one dogs were returned to her.


Martha Crosley of Evansville, Indiana, had great intentions. She started an animal sanctuary in her home, a building that was a former church on Hillview Drive in Vanderburgh County.

But things got out of hand.

In January, animal control learned that Martha was hoarding dogs. Martha told animal control that she had begun an animal sanctuary.

Unfortunately, the dogs weren’t being taken care of properly.

Animal control tried to work with Martha. They gave her tips and the protocol on what to do how to house, feed, water the animals and basically to make circumstances better. The advice included medical supplies since some of the animals were sick.

But on a recheck by animal control, conditions had deteriorated even farther and the dogs, some of which were suffering from heartworms, were now considered even more endangered.

The sheriff issued a search warrant.

Deputies found dogs in very small crates, lying in feces and urine. Some were described as malnourished and underweight.

You can see a video taken during the earlier seizure of the 68 dogs in February, as well as a news video of the sentencing, on the next page.

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