Why Was This Sweet Foster Returned As “Aggressive!” What Could Have Happened? (Video)

She told them exactly what to do to ease Christie into the family,
even offered them a trainer pro bono should any problems arise!
What an eyeopener!

Christie was born on the streets of Greece in winter of 2015. She spent the next two years of her life in her rescuer’s garden as part of a pack of ten dogs. She knew nothing about life outside of that garden and trusted no one apart from the woman who cared for her.

Christie’s adoption album remained on the SCARS page for months and began: “Christie will look right into your eyes and try to decide if you are worthy of her trust,” explains Valia Orfanidou, in the video on the next page. And in November of 2016, a call came that her rescuers thought would never come. Someone was interested in adopting Christie.

So Valia picked up Christie and brought her to her own home to become familiar with the girl, so she could tell Christie’s prospective adopters what they needed to know.

“I’ve never known a dog like Christie,” says Valia. “She spent ten days with us and in those ten days, she learned everything from scratch.” And she means everything. Christie learned to live in a home, walk on a leash, go for car rides, get on an elevator, go up stairs, sit for a treat…

Valia found Christie to be easygoing, despite her suspicious stare, and the cleanest dog she had ever fostered.

Christie tolerated everything that was expected of her and would even lift her leg for belly scratches every time Valia approached.

So Christie was adopted…

And two months later, she was returned! Not just returned, she came back a changed, agitated, aggressive dog.


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