She’s Eluded Rescue for Three Months. She’s Just Given Birth in a Massive Rainstorm. Will This Be The Game Changer? (Video)

Mama Pit Bull in her den.

It is the dead of night. The storm is massive. Rain is flooding down from the skies.

Eldad, Lisa Arturo, and Loreta Frankonyte can barely see through the sheets of rain with the windshield wipers going full blast.

The Hope for Paws team is on a three-and-a-half hour drive in response to an urgent call about a homeless Pit Bull who has given birth just hours ago.

At their destination, flashlights in hand, the three maneuver through the dense brush.

“Right here! Right here!” we hear one of the ladies call.

She may have located the den of the Pit Bull Mom who has eluded well-meaning neighbors, who, for the past three months, have been trying to rescue her.

“She's right there. See her?” a female voice directs as Eldad breaks through the thicket and crawls into Mama's den.

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