Sir Patrick Stewart #GetsTough! Today is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day [Blog Post]

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I’ve got great news and not so good news.

The really great news is that the wonderful Sir Patrick Stewart who has been fostering a Pit Bull named Ginger is partnering with the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Today, Saturday, April 8, to raise awareness about the #GetTough campaign for National Dog Fighting Awareness Day.

The not so good news–heartbreaking really–is that Sir Patrick will be unable to permanently adopt Ginger due to breed restrictions in his homeland. It’s a big disappointment for all of us who have been chanting “foster fail,” but I can’t imagine what it must be doing to the sweet, gentle actor who is so in love with his foster. I keep secretly hoping that he’ll make at least a semi-permanent move to California so they can be together.

However, his relationship with Ginger has catapulted Sir Patrick into animal rights causes, one of which is to change breed specific legislation in the UK.

Ever since the Star Trek Captain and X-Men actor and his wife Sunny Ozell’s recent foster of Ginger, Sir Patrick tells People magazine, “I find that my relationship to the world and to the news every day in the papers and on the television has been changed by Ginger, because she has brought such a quality of patience and tolerance and fun into our lives, that it has, in a very short space of time, shifted my sense of where our world might be going.”

“I literally find myself more optimistic than I was, and there is only Ginger to account for this. It is the impact of sharing my life for only seven or eight days with Ginger.”

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