Stalker Brutally Tortures Family’s Pet Dogs! Photos Too Graphic To Show! (News Video)

Owners/Family of the Huskies

This story cuts to the very core of any feeling individual. I was barely able to write it, but to get the word out and bring the individual who did this to justice is just too important to let my personal feelings interfere. To have brutalized helpless animals once is unbearable to think of, but to have persistently and violently tortured two dogs is beyond unbearable.

Police in Oceanside, California, are investigating the heart wrenching abuse of a family’s two Huskies, Estrella and Cocayo, by an unknown monster who has been tormenting the family since December of last year.

The horror story began when the dogs were fed TCH (marijuana) and rushed to the vet. Following that, the dogs were doused with acid or similar caustic fluid while in their backyard, and, most recently, one of the dogs had its eye ripped from the socket and the other was forced to drink what is being referred to as acid or some other form of poison when the unknown assailant broke into the owner’s home while she was out of their home briefly picking up her young son from school.

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Family friend Eddie Mendoza told the San Diego Union-Tribune that there was blood all over the apartment and also claw marks on the floor where it appeared the dogs, who were attacked inside the home, were trying to get away.

“It was just like a massacre,” he said.

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