Surfing Dogs Collide and Land on the Same Board! Wow! (Video)

dog and man on surfboard

It happens in a split second, the electrified crowd sucks in
their breath, then cheers of relief! Wow!

Check out the video below. Then continue on to the next quick clip. It's about an amazing Golden Retriever who was homeless until he learned to surf!

New Video: This Golden Retriever was Homeless Until He Learned to Surf!

In the video below, you'll meet a very talented Golden Retriever, named Hobie, who was homeless until he learned how to surf!

Amazingly, Hobie first stepped into water only a few weeks before this video was shot.

As we enter the clip, we hear┬áChris De Aboitiz, Australian champion surfer, dog trainer, and owner of Sup Dog Oz, saying, “He's never seen water before.”

Chris ads, “He's from East LA, a stray found roaming the streets.”

Hobie was picked up by Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue and given to Chris, who has flown into California for the Surf City Surf Dog Competition. He's out to prove that he can take a rescue, teach him to hang ten, and find him a home.

You won't believe what happens when Chris takes Hobie to the beach.

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