Suspected Wolf-Hybrid Found to Be 100% Dog Allowed to Go Home “UNDER THESE CONDITIONS!”


Capone, the senior German Shepherd mix, held hostage for over five weeks by Animal Control officials in Aurora, Colorado, and found not to have one ounce of wolf blood by DNA testing. continued to be held captive until a judge could review charges against his Mom Tracy Abbato and co-owner Tito Serrano.

The charges–keeping an aggressive or dangerous animal, allowing him to roam, failure to obtain an animal license and failing to make sure the dog had a rabies vaccine–have been negotiated by an Animal Law Center lawyer, according to a breaking UPI news release.

Judge Loretta Huffine is allowing Capone to go home “provided he is fitted with a muzzle and retractable leash while outside Abbato and Serrano’s property or in the yard until a fence is erected outside their home.”

Abbato and Serrano must also pay for Capone’s rabies vaccine and other medication the pup will receive from animal control and Capone has to be trained by an animal behaviorist.

The impoundment fee of almost $500 and $1,000 fine and were suspended as part of the judgement.

“We’re so happy they realize he’s a good dog, not a wolf, and he can go home,” Abbato said.

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