Sweet, Unspayed Puppy with Breast Lumps. Are They a Threat to Her Future? Vet Ranch Undertakes Surgery! (Video)

Hannah about to undergo surgery

Will the breast lumps in a little dog, named Hannah, threaten her future health?

It's amazing how much one learns in a Vet Ranch video.

In this clip, Dr. Matt discovers lumps in the mammary chain of a sweet pup, named Hannah. He plans to remove them at the same time he spays the little girl..

Hannah appears, aside from being adorable, to be a bright healthy pup, except for the lumps and, maybe, a touch of kennel cough.

After surgery, one of the lumps will be sent off to the lab to find out whether or not the lumps are cysts or tumors. If they are tumors, whether or not they are cancer. If they are cancer, whether or not they have infiltrated the surrounding tissue and/or whether or not blood vessels have penetrated the tumors.

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