The Five Dogs Who Mauled Pit Bull Mama Have Been Euthanized! Update Sophia and Babies Video!

Sophia healing with babies

Pit Bull Mom Sophia is on the mend, nestled on an afghan with her adorable babies, after undergoing lifesaving surgery, after five starving dogs tragically attacked the new mom, gnawing her front leg to the bone.

The attack occurred last week, when according to Fox 26 News, Sophia heard barking in the neighbor’s yard on the other side of the fence, separating the two yards.

Sophia left her four, one-week-old pups to investigate, but came too close to an opening in the fence. It gave the starving dogs access to her front left leg and it was ravaged it to the bone.

Sophia was taken to the hospital where she underwent amputation of her mangled leg and the five neglected, malnourished dogs were removed from their owner and later euthanized.

Sophia will now be a tripod dog, but dogs do well on three legs and Sophia will be able to lead a normal life.

Her owner could not afford the care it would take to save Sophia and her babies. She surrendered the little family to the CCSPCA. Sophia and her pups are at the hospital until the mom is well enough to go to a foster home.

Sophia with puppies


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