Two Punks Threaten to Kill Her Dad But His Beloved Pit Bull Comes to His Rescue! (Video)

Pit Bull Zoey

“Watch him!” was all Her Dad had to say.

It happened the other night as Joey Guindazola and his pup Zoey are walking to Joey’s car in the parking deck of his Buckhead Apartment.

Joey eyes a couple of suspicious characters in the Atlanta, Georgia, parking garage. Wearing backpacks and skulking around the cars, they seem to be sizing up cars to break into.

As Joey moves toward his car, all-of-a-sudden the teens jump out at him.

“We were about to get in the car when two guys bounced up out of nowhere. They were wearing gloves and had backpacks,” Joey tells Fox5 Atlanta.

When Joey asks what’s going on, one of the teens tells him he has a gun and is going to shoot him.

Joey calls Zoey, and simply says, “Watch him!”

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