Too Funny! When the Weather Goes to the Dogs! (Video)

weatherman and rescue dog

Rescue Dog Meets Weatherman on Global TV!

Global Edmonton's weatherman Mike Sobel is doing his darnedest to forecast the weather while showcasing Ripple, a very playful, year-and-a-half-old Mastiff-mix from the Edmonton Humane Society.

In this uproarious segment, Sobel already has the notion that “this is going to be a challenge.”

He is so right!

As this hilarious video begins, Sobel introduces his protege and cues him to “sit” only to find out, after several tries, each one a little louder, that Ripple's just not sitting.

It is obvious that this big, energetic pup has no interest whatever in the weather.

His only interest is tugging and gnawing on that leash.

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