Two Pups Painted Pink, Shot and Abandoned in the Woods! (Video)

2 pink dogs

Two frightened, forlorn puppies, painted a garish pink, shot point blank and mercilessly abandoned in the woods have been rescued.

The painted pups, used by their former photographer-owner Mark Protsenko to pose with the children of tourists to be photographed in Russian seaside resorts, bragged that the pups brought in as much as $350 a day. And their dye job was “easy and cheap.”

But when the dogs were no longer of any value, since he had more than enough dogs for his cruel enterprise, the two pups, along with an adult whose fur was dyed blue, were heartlessly dumped in a wooded area 35 miles from the Black Sea town of Gelendzhik, reports The Sun.

A rescuer said one of them had agonizing wounds from air gun bullets “after being shot at to make them flee.”

Will their former owner face any charges?

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