Two Scared Pups Huddle Together at Shelter as Owner Leaves! UPDATED!

2 dogs at shelter huddling together

As their owner walks away, two extremely bonded pups cling to each other for much needed emotional and physical support. Surrendered to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas.

β€œNo words for these 2. Owner turn ins,” MCAS Pets in Need writes on their Facebook page. And no words were offered by their owner as to why they were surrendered.

2 dogs huddling together

Devastated, confused, and heartbroken, I can only imagine the desolation these two babies must feel as what seems to be their lifeline slowly being pulled from their core. They don’t yet know what the volunteers agree on… they are better off at the shelter than with their heartless owner.

The only medical issue the shelter has determined is that both dogs suffer from curable Demodex mange and their treatment has begun.

The brown female looks to have recently given birth to puppies and the guess is that the little black dog is most likely one of them. Both, due to their emotional stress and anguish are being allowed to stay together in the shelter at this time.

the two dogs napping

This photo posted two hours later shows both fur babies tightly curled up next to each other, quietly napping.

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