“Unadoptable” Shelter Dog Joins Search and Rescue Team Looking for Harvey Survivors! (Video)

Rocket and handler Mike Stornetta

Rescue Dog Deployed to Help Search for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Too much energy to be adopted makes this dog the perfect Search and Rescue Pup!

His name is Rocket!

Found as a puppy, by a roadside, Rocket wound up at the Sacramento SPCA. Lucky for everyone he did because the SPCA has a strict no-kill policy and the high energy, obsessive pup, who was fixated on playing with only one toy, was deemed unadoptable.

So instead of what happens in most shelters, Rocket, a McNabb Herding Dog, was “kicked upstairs,” as the saying goes.

He was moved to another floor in the building where he wasn’t available for adoption.

“We don’t have a euthanize list,” Dawn Foster of the Sacramento SPCA told InsideEdition.com. “When a dog is deemed not to be ready for adoption, we start working with them. We’re just looking for other opportunities.”

And this amazing pup got his second chance.

The SPCA contacted the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) to see if Rocket's super high energy and laser-like could be of use to them.

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