NEW VIDEO UPDATE!!! Famous 2-Legged Boxer “Duncan Lou Who” Lost After Family Truck Hits Bison in Island Park! (Video)

Duncan Lou Who being held

Search is Underway to Find Duncan Lou Who.

It’s 11:00 Friday night when tragedy strikes. What’s to be a fun vacation in Island Park for the family of Duncan Lou Who, internet renown 2-legged boxer, turns traumatic.


A Happy Homecoming for Duncan, a Two-Legged Dog Who Continues To Beat the Odds

His Washington family–Gary Walters, his fiancee, Amanda Giese and her two children–are driving in their truck when they hit a bison on U.S. Highway 20 at mile marker 403 near Idaho Highway 87.

“We took out a power station and rolled my truck three times,” Walters tells

The bison survives the crash. Unfortunately, the poor animal is severely injured. Thankfully, someone arrives on the scene with a gun and is able to put the wounded bison out of its misery.

“Two of our dogs were ejected from the car.” Walters continues. “I found one of them underneath the truck on the ground and she is okay but Duncan is gone.”

Duncan, a 2-legged boxer, is gone!

Duncan Lou Who, as his followers know, is a boxer who was born with his rear legs fused in an X-shape. Unusable and twisting Duncan’s spine, his rear legs became a liability and had to be surgically removed.

For those who don’t know Duncan, and a reminder to those of us who already know how amazing he is, see this very special boy’s first trip to the beach in the YouTube video on the next page.

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