UPDATED!!! Desperate Plea for Help! Dogs Trapped in Animal Rescue! [Blog Post]

Flooded Tall Tails Rescue

They escaped a direct hit from Hurricane Harvey.
They were high and dry yesterday.
Then officials opened three dams and forgot to tell them.

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It’s Monday August 28, 2017 when Kat Tschirgi Miller wakes to the shock of her life. All the kennels in her animal shelter are flooded with over a foot of water.

Flooded Tall Tails Rescue

Every animal in the shelter is trapped and over 100 dogs are trying to escape the rapidly rising water, climbing onto floating crates and enclosure fences.

Dogs in flooded kennels

A nightmare with no warning! No time to prepare. No one in the neighborhood knew what was about to happen.

dogs in flooded kennels

Kat and Kevin Miller’s Tall Tail Rescue was high and dry the night before. In fact, they had been taking in evacuees from Houston and other areas, having been assured that their rescue was not in a Hurricane Harvey danger zone or mandatory evacuation area.

When they learn that authorities plan to open the dams further, Kat and Kevin know the clock is ticking. Near panic sets in to get one hundred plus animals to safety.

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