Huge Rapidly-Growing Tumor on Mastiff’s Back Toes – Can Vet Ranch Save His Leg! (Video)

Dog with foot tumor

As we enter the video, Dr. Karri is introducing a large grey and white dappled pup she's calling Hero. He's been rescued from a shelter where he's been spending some time since his owner was sent to prison for his association with drugs. No one ever came to claim this sweet, good-natured, young, Dogo Argentino/Cane Corso Mastiff Mix.

As Dr. Karri looks him over, she notes that he's very underweight, has some hair loss which she attributes to fleas, a skin infection which is being treated and a very severe case of heartworms. He's already been successfully treated for hookworms.

These all blend into the background when Dr. Karri lifts Hero's back left leg, revealing a huge tumor on his foot. The big question at this time is can the tumor be removed by simply amputating the two affected toes, or will Hero's foot, maybe, his entire leg have to go.

The tumor is taking up the outer two toes and the guess is that the tumor is cancerous since it has grown very quickly. But we won't know until after the specimen is sent off to the lab and we see the results.

Hero's story continues on the next page. It includes the video of his surgery. We'll give you a heads up if you want to avoid the footage of the surgery.

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