Warning Graphic Images! Vet Ranch Takes on a Bait Dog with Massive Head Injuries! (Video)

Flynn eating chicken bits from Dr. Wendy's hand

His injuries are so brutal, Dr. Wendy thinks, at first,
that he's been hit by a car!

His name is Flynn and it's totally amazing that he made it!

As we enter the video Dr. Wendy of Vet Ranch is assessing Flynn's damage. Poor Flynn is not anesthetized, but he is lying immobile in his kennel as Dr. Wendy is trying to show us the extent of his injuries.

They quickly become apparent. Flynn's head is grossly swollen. His wounds are extremely graphic and extend around his head all the way down to the muscle. One ear has been shredded. And this little boy is in shock and experiencing enormous pain. The other small wounds on his body are almost not even worth mentioning compared to his overwhelming head and neck wounds.

First things first. Dr. Wendy treats Flynn for shock, puts him on extensive pain meds, massive antibiotics and begins to clean him up.

If things looked bad at first, as we watch Flynn's wounds being cleaned, we are seriously wondering if he is going to make it.

Thank goodness, this boy is a fighter. But time is going to be a big factor here. With the huge chunks of missing flesh, stitches won't do it. There is too much loss and the tissue is going to have to heal in on its own.

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