What’s This Huge Mass Between Little Chiquita’s Back Legs That’s Making Her Unadoptable? (Video)

Gentle, loving, Vet Ranch Dr. Lee is hoping it's a simple hernia.
He finds out it's not so simple, but fixable.

If you're an avid follower of Vet Ranch as I am, I'm sure you'll agree that their motto should be “The difficult we do immediately. The impossible just takes a little longer.”

The saying would certainly hold true in little Chiquita's case.

As we enter the video on the next page, Dr. Lee Carriker is cuddling a little dog that looks like an apple head Chihuahua in his arms, explaining that this little girl has just come from a shelter and in her current condition is unadoplable and would, most likely, be put to sleep.

He is saying, “we're going to take care of that little problem, and if you'll look, it's more than a little problem.” With that, he picks up the tiny dog and we see a shockingly huge bulge on her belly that's almost half her size.

Chiquita showing hernia on belly

“She's got this big, giant mass down here between her back legs.”
Standing side view of massYou can see how fond Dr. Lee is of this little pup when he gives her another gentle hug, saying,”and she is a sweet, little dog too. We're going to go in there and fix that up.”

As Dr. Lee palpates the area, he notes that the skin is very thin and you can feel her bowels. He is hoping that this is just a “non-complicated” hernia. But as, you'll see in the video on the next page, there is more in there than was expected.

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