Why Do Dogs Leap to Their Death from This Mysterious Bridge? (Video)

Dog jumping off of Overtoun Bridge

Over 600 dogs have jumped–as many as six in six months.
At least 50 have been killed. Some who've survived, have tried it again. WHY?

There's a sign up on the bridge: “Dangerous bridge. Keep your dog on a lead.”

The setting is beautiful, even peaceful, some say. The sound of a waterfall adds to the ambiance, a picturesque baronial residence that looks like a castle, and the bridge, complete with parapets is a scenic Gothic structure spanning a 50ft gorge and stream. It looks like an expanse that would traverse a moat.

Overtoun Bridge

Yet despite its tranquil appearance, so many dogs have jumped from this bridge that it's been nicknamed “The Bridge of Death” and “Dog Suicide Bridge.”

Situated amidst acres and acres of lush greenery, you’ll find this mysterious edifice about a half-hour’s drive north of Glasgow, Scotland.

Called Overtoun Bridge, the granite structure was built in 1895 just outside Overtoun House, the even more ancient 160-year-old baronial estate

It wasn’t till the 1950s, though, that dogs started leaping off the bridge to their ultimate fate without apparent reason and people started calling it “The Bridge of Death.”

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