Heartbreaking! Woman’s Favorite Rescue Dog Mauls Her to Death! (Video)

Bullmastiff Stirling

Dedicated to caring for neglected, troubled dogs, 58-year-old Sue Lopicich,
was mauled to death by her favorite rescue, a Bullmastiff named Stirling.

A family friend told Radio 6PR that the Bullmastiff was known for his aggression, but Sue loved him regardless.

Tributes are flowing in for devoted animal lover Sue Lopicich, whose bloodied body was found along with Stirling and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the backyard of her home by her daughter on Tuesday..

Ms Lopicich, who owned the rescue kennel Barko's Boarding Kennel at her home on Terrier Palace, in Southern River, in Perth's northern suburbs suffered life-threatening leg and arm injuries and died at the scene.

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